Van McElwee


a video installation for six monitors
and six video sources

In communal celebrations, such as parades, the event creates a new space. A city becomes a fantastic version of itself; a new creature that erupts in the streets and then disappears. In Procession, awareness is given a richly dimensional vantage point on this phenomenon. The parade's flow is intensely modulated by editing, folded into itself again and again. Waves of transformation surge through a fabric of infinitely recurring moments, until the river of time swells and floods its banks.

Six monitors are placed five feet apart, in a row. Segments of a parade cycle on each screen. The flow of images and sounds is intensely modulated by editing; folded into itself again and again. Waves of transformation surge through the installation. The line of monitors, each with its local time, becomes a storyboard of infinite recurrences; a standing pattern in space-time that viewers can actually move around in. For six monitors and six video sources.

Stereo. 2000

Direction, production and primary postproduction by Van McElwee on all works.

These animations describe a set of monitor installations that were shown variously in the US and Europe in the 1990's and 2000. Venues include: The Kitchen in New York, Gallery Trabant in Vienna, Argos Gallery in Brussels, Art Amsterdam, Art Brussels, Scope London, Art Frankfurt,  The International short Film Festival in Lille, France, KunstZurich, Switzerland, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, and St. Louis University Museum of Art.